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Hello, there! I'm a new memeber of this community. Just call me Rogue. ^_^

I think Hijiri is very underappreciated around the fandom and poorly underused. I think the young seme needs more attention. (Yes, you heard me. I called him a seme because that's what I think he is or will be when he gets older. Especially when paired with Tsuzuki. ^_^;)

I really hope Miss Matsushita-sensei will continue and bring him back again.(maybe with him looking older and ten times hotter. ^_~)

Well, to make my introduction complete. I did some chibi!Hijiri art along with some included characters. Hope you like them.

Chibi Hijiri Minase

Just a simple picture of Hijiri. ^^

In Despair

An angsty chibi pic with Hijiri and Sagaatanas. It's the scene where Hijiri attempts suicide in the church.


A cute hug between Hijiri and Tsuzuki. For all of the HijiriXTsuzuki fans. ^_^


A cute lil' HisokaXHijiri pic. I don't like this pairing much unfortuantely but I drew it anyway for all of the HisokaXHijiri fans.


A threesom between Hisoka, Hijiri and Tsuzuki. For all of the HisokaXHijiriXTsuzuki fans. I actually kind of like the idea of a threesome between them. As long as Hisoka is seme, Tsuzuki is uke and Hijiri can be the switch-hitter. ^_~
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