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An Old Fic

I made this for a hijirixhisoka fansite, but it's down now. I'm thinking about posting this at the hijirixhisoka comm as well, but I'm still just thinking about it....

I think this comm is more active than that other one anyway. T_T

And I hope this is allowed. >.< C'mon! It's Hijiri. XD

Title: My Neighbor Hijiri
Genre: Humor/Romance, AU
Rating: G (for now)
Characters: hijiri/hisoka, tsuzuki/watari (implied), evil science teacher muraki. O.o;
Chapter: 1
Summary: Ah, my friendly neighbor. Not too close yet not too far. Was kind enough to let me stay over for a while, kind enough to open up to me, and kind enough to accept so much of me…. Hisoka’s POV
Status: In Progress


"No." I declared flatly, while Tsuzuki, my room-mate, pouted ridiculously. I swear, if I find out where he hides those puppy-dog ears I'm gonna...

"But Hisokaaa..." He continued wailing, "It's only for one day!"

I turn to glare at him from my seat at my computer, "I said no!" Why did I honestly move in with this man? Oh yeah... To get away from family. I rolled my eyes at the thought, and turned back to face the monitor. I was checking my email at the moment, nothing but spam, really, but it gave me something to pay attention to other than this flailing idiot. Though at times Tsuzuki was a very good, close friend, at other times, like this one for example, I could afford to hurt his feelings... Not deeply of course.

Tsuzuki dangled an arm over my shoulder, his form; slumped on the floor kneeling. "But... I never get to visit Hijiri-chan..."

“Do you think I’m going over to Hijiri’s just to see him?” I sigh and shrug his arm off my shoulder, "This isn't for fun, it's a school project."

"But Hisokaaa..!"


Thank god.

The man bounced over to the phone on the counter, picking it up in one swift motion. "Hello!" ...I think Tsuzuki had some conpeto or something... (side note, conpeto are those cute sugar star candies you see in anime every once in a while) "...Eh? Really! ...Ok, come quick!" He hung up and strolled back over to me, a wide grin on his face, his mouth open and ready to speak. However, nothing came out.

Suddenly his face burst into this odd expression that I couldn't exactly... place what emotion he was trying to express. It looked like a mix between a grin, a pout, and a scowl. Now I'm curious as to what that phone call was all about.

"Watari called in..."

I arched my brow. Watari? The guy who lived a floor up? He's Tsuzuki's buddy, I believe. Just got out of some kind of... University a few months ago? I don't know. "And?"

The door burst open without warning and before the brunette could even answer my question. Blonde, wavy hair flowed in, and that's all I saw before I heard two bodies collide... Lo and behold, our wonderful neighbor LET himself in. "I thought I had that door locked." I grumbled, and the blonde looked up at me from the floor, giving me a warm smile. Him and Tsuzuki bumped together and were now in a heap on the floor, he spoke, "Oh, hey Hisoka. I have keys to your apartment." His flashed a copy of our apartment key as if to prove his statement.

HE had a copy of OUR apartment room key! What the hell!

Tsuzuki cowered under my glare, as he should. "Tsuzuki!"

"Hisoka, I just let him borrow my spare key! A-anyway, this means you can go visit Hi-chan all by yourself!" He had a point there... Then there was a mischievous glint in his eyes, "You can go see him allll by your lonesome... The two of you.... Alone-!"

"Tsuzuki!" I yelled again, effectively shutting him up. I believe I've used up my shouting quota for the day. I used it all up on Tsuzuki.

Watari raised in the air what seemed like a big brown book, on the cover it read in large bold letters, "Scientific Recipes"...Hm.. not good. "Me and Tsuzuki are gonna be cooking lunch and dinner for you, Hisoka. Nice ne?"

Lunch... AND dinner? ...ok, I've made a decision.

I walked calmly past the chattering two, towards the phone. I'm going to call Hijiri. Yes, and I'd ask him a few questions...

The phone hadn't rang that long when a cheerful voice answered, "Minase residence. Who's speaking?"


"A-ah, Hisoka? What's up?"

"Can I..."


I chanced a glance at the two, who were no longer in the living room, but were now in the kitchen, setting a huge pot of water to boil... Oh yeah, I needed to get out of here, fast. "Can I stay with you for the entire weekend?" There was a pause, and I began to feel a bit nervous. Please tell me I can stay Hijiri, I whisper to myself, side glancing once again to the evil deeds my room-mate and his friend were commiting. They were going to kill me with their horrible cooking!



"Isn't it a bit early? And the whole weekend? Are you sure?"

"Yes! Yes I'm sure. If it's okay."

"Sure it's okay. But can you tell me why?"

"I'll tell you later. Can I come now?"

"Okay. Sure."

There wasn't even so much as a good-bye. I slammed the phone down, but not hard enough to get the attention of those two. But enough to let out a bit of my panic. But right after came relief, as I rushed to my small drawer, I just about pulled out the bare necessities. Underwear... A pair of pants and a t-shirt.

I noticed Tsuzuki looking my way quizically, and I realized I had to get out, now.

And within 2 minutes, I was out. Out in the cold, winter air. Wasting no time, I just trudged through the snow, I had forgotten exactly how far away Hisoka's apartment actually was, but I knew it wasn't too far. This is the path I walk along when I'm on my way to the bus stop to get to school.

Hijiri... I suddenly realized what I’d done. I’d be over at Hijiri's house for the weekend, what was I thinking? I hardly even know him! He's much more aquainted with Tsuzuki than he is with me.

Sure we go to school together, but the only class we have together is science and...

You really can't do much in that class...

Everyone’s too creeped out by Muraki-sensei to actually say anything to anyone else. But for some reason, the girls simply oogle him. Revolting in my opinion. Anyway, Muraki-sensei had taken great pleasure in presenting us with a huge science project. Sure we had four days to do it, but damn, it was a lot!

I blinked, wondering why the hell I stopped walking and then I realized it was because I was standing in front of Hijiri's apartment home... Funny, it looked a lot bigger than the one I lived in. I shoved open the door, and saw two staircases. One leading down, and one leading up, a light smell of newly applied paint filled the air. Now let's see. Did Hijiri live upstairs or down? Or maybe on ground level...? Damn, I should've asked him that when I was talking to him on the phone.

As if sensing this mistake, a saw the said brunette peek over from the staircase leading up, his face bright as usual. "Hisoka."

"Hijiri." I said dumbly, looking up at him. Amazing how we looked so much alike. I felt like I was staring at a mirror reflection of myself...

"Uhh... Hisoka?" That snapped me out of my daze, and I realized I had been staring. Eh? What's this? Hijri's face, looks a bit pink... Aw well, must be the cold. Wordlessly, I climbed up the stairs, the sound of my footsteps against the metal steps echoed a clanking sound throught the entire lobby. It sounded so empty. We continued up about another floor, before we reached his apartment door. Room number 925, I see.

He simply pushed the door open, then stepped aside, motioining for me to enter in first. A small smile tugged at his lips, and if I could read his thoughts I swear I'd have heard a mocking 'Ladies first.' Ah, but maybe I'm just thnking a bit too much.

Inside his apartment was very warm, and he had a plush cream carpet, not like the wooden flooring in my apartment. Hm. The walls were a plain white, however, and he had a glass door on the other end of the living room, seeming to lead to a balcony.

"Want to start right now?"

"Eh? Oh. yeah." I rested my bag near the glass-top end table, opened it up and rummaged through it, stopping, then suddenly feeling like a complete idiot. I had forgotten my textbook and notes in my attempt to get out of the house. Hm, what a predicament.

"You left it behind?" He stated more than asked, I simply nodded. "That's ok. We can share mine." He disappeared into another room. I waited for a few minutes before he reappeared, text book and a notebook in hand. The smile still present on his features. He took a seat next me, opening the text book to page 348, where the chapter started. I leaned in to get a better look, as Hijiri's finger pointed out where he was reading.

"Sensei said to start on this part right here. So I'll write, while you read out to me, k?" I looked to him to nod my head, and then we froze. Our faces... Were centimeters apart. My face began to grow warm, ah this is ludicrous! I scooted away quickly, murmuring a soft apology.

He just smiled, "It's ok."

My head was lowered. Partly to hide my face, it was stained pink, I just know it.

"Hisoka." I looked up to him, as he closed the book, the smile ever present on his pretty face... Wait, did I just say pretty? "Why don't we go out?"

I blinked at him. Go out? As in, outside, somewhere? Why?

As if answering my silent question, he spoke again, "Only because it's so early. It's just a bit past 12 incase you haven't noticed." He paused, then leaned in closer to me. "You still haven't told me what the rush was."

Ah yes, that. "It was Tsuzuki."

"Tsuzuki? Did he do something bad? Did something happen?"

"Sort of." I looked at his questioning gaze, and knew I'd have to explain this clearly, "His friend, Watari, came over. They were going to cook something and... You should know how bad Tsuzuki is at that."

Hijiri's smile twitched and he laughed nervously, "I know." With a sigh he got up and offered me a hand, which I took.. Just to be polite of course. His hand was surprisingly warm, very warm. Or maybe it's because my hand is cold?

"Your hand's cold." He said bluntly, confirming my suspicion. He had long fingers, I also noticed. Fingers that might be good for instruments, maybe something like a piano, or a guitar even. Certainly not a flute. Suddenly I had an urge to put one of those long fingers to my lips. Why was I thinking such obsurd things all of a sudden? "H-Hisoka."

"Hm?" What now? Oh... The brunette's cheeks went red at this point. I'm hanging around Tsuzuki too much, I guess, for I realized that I had unconciously acted upon my thoughts.

His slender fingers were warm against my lips, as I thought they'd be. A faint smell of soup emitted from his hand. Had he washed it recently? I dropped his hand and looked away, too embarrassed to see what his expression must have been now. "I'm sorry."

A pause. "It's ok..." Really. Before I could even respond, however, he grabbed my hand and began dragging me towards the door, "Let's go out somewhere." And then we were outside.


That was all for chapter one. I think sayaki-san was the one who beta-read this for me.... I'm not completely sure, it was a good while ago. Anyway, I kind of left off after chapter two. So once I find someone to beta-read chapter 3 for me I'll post them both up at once.

Any volunteers? ^^;
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